Monday, June 13, 2011

Weddings, New Houses, and Babies

Okay, so in case you weren't already aware, EBAY is a GREAT place to get new carts. I've purchased 7 new ones in the last week or so for less than $150.00. Yes, I should be saving for our wedding, although the majority of our wedding planning and purchasing is already done! Our rings will be completely paid for by the end of the month. Just waiting on the bridesmaids to get their dresses! :)

Also, today at Hobby Lobby I picked up this Cricut bag:
Cricut Machine Rolling Storage Tote Bag! Green
for 23.99. It has wheels and LOTS of pockets. :) I was amazed at the deal, apparently they are usually around 99.00 there, so I was thrilled.

My best friend ordered my a Gypsy, and it should be here next week... SUPER EXCITED!!

Our house is being moved week after next, and I am sooooo thrilled to get in and get settled!! :) I will have an entire cottage for all of my crafting stuff!!

I made these pendants with the paper stars I have been folding. The stars are approximately 1/8 inch, and I've made them in a rainbow of colors. The pendants have a loop on the top to hang from a necklace, and are adorned with a small Swarovski Aurora Borealis crystal.

These stars are much larger, at 1/4 inch wide. Once again it is a pendant that has a crystal attached.

 I think this bottle is my favorite! I love its shape, it has the smaller of the stars in it.

Onward to babies! Lol, they are not in my near future, but its that time of the year when it seems like every woman I know is about to have a baby, which means I get to make lots and lots of diaper cakes! I LOVE it! I even managed to work in using my cricut.. 

See those letters? Plantin school book, and sugared with fine hot pink glitter!!! 

 Look at all the adorable goodies!

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  1. I think those diaper cakes are the coolest things! Such a fun idea!