Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Journal for a recovering NA

Someone very dear to my heart, named Lisa got home from a very long and trying rehab session yesterday, as we were talking last night I asked her how things were going, and how she planned to stay on track... her response was "one day at a time" We talked, and she is very excited and feels very very blessed and feels as though God has a plan for her. All of those beautiful stamps are things i had in my collection but I believe everyone of them came from Michael's one dollar bin. ( The lady at AC Moore told me they were no longer going to carry their 1.00 stamps. :[ )

In the front of it, I printed out a list of entry starters, things that I thought might help her if she needed to write, but didn't know where to start.
I found some neon filler paper at Big Lots the other day, and put it away thinking it would make nice journal paper of some time, and I used it for this! I cut off the part with the holes, so I could punch my own.
I found inspiring and motivational quotes and bible verses, and simply scrapped them in, I am going to add much more to these pages, but you get the idea. :)

I added some stickers I had, and just a lot of different things that might inspire her.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yipee!! New projects, for 2S4Y!

Okay, I made two entries this morning for another challenge!! Over at 2S4Y, I really like their sketches, so I finally got brave enough to try, These are some serisously talented scrappers!!!

This is Laura's original sketch, the post can be found here.

For some reason this morning I was all about the "bling" I'm not really sure why, but I certainly have enough of it! (I bought a 2 pound bag of assorted the other day at Michael's.. and Im thinking about getting another one)
I used Bazzil basics paper in swiss dots ( I LOVE IT), for the top two layers, and recollections cardstock for the bottom layer, I love both stamps, and the silver looks spectacular on the lilac!! "Owl be thinking of you today" I used some grosgrain ribbon I had in my stash for the border and bow, of course used some bling, and accented with Treehouse glitter in neon pink! :)

I used black recollections (from M's) cardstock for the base, used silver ink to spatter everwhere, and again bazzil basics in ballerina for the pink, silver ink for the stamps, with neon pink treehouse glitter, and some bling for a border. :) I serisously could have made ten or more cards with this sketch, the second I saw it ideas rushed into my head!!
I hope you like them!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

NEW PROJECT! My submission for the BBTB2 challenge

Okie dokie, I thought for sure this would take me a lot longer than it did, but i've been working like crazy on it!! So much work!! I used the mini monsters cart, the stretch your imagination cart, and the plantin school book cart. Plus, I cut a few things by hand....

The BBTB2 challenge was: "So, let's base this contest on fall. Make a project that is fall related (you can even do Halloween!) that includes a Cricut cut and a stamp of some sort."

This is my first challenge ever, Im pretty happy with the way my project looks. :)

I used a children's poem by Jack Prelutsky, who is an independent unpublished writer, and as far as I know, this is the only poem he has ever written. This is the cover :) It reads, "It's Halloween by Jack Prelutsky"

This is the second and third pages, I wish you could see all the details I put into this, I might add larger pictures later, but it reads," It's Halloween, It's Halloween, The moon is full an bright, and we shall see what can't be seen, on any other night... Skeletons and Ghosts and Ghouls...

"Grinning goblins fighting duels, Werewolves rising from their tombs,..."

"Witches on their magic brooms, In masks and gowns we haunt the street and knock on doors for trick or treat"

The bats are my stamped images, and of course you can tell there are several cricut cuts. I just love this because all of the different elements. If you would like all the measurements feel free to let me know, I wrote them all down, as well as assembly pictures.

:) If you have any questions, please let me know!

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Thanks for looking!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer Lovin!

This cutie is another of the photo albums that I picked up at AC Moore for .60cents!! I wish now I would have bought a few more! :)
I used a striped page with a little glitter out of the poteeka souffle paper pack by the paper studio.
I cut the cupcake from the doodlecharms cart, and sugared the flame orange, as well as the shadow in blue. Papers are Martha Stewart.
I decorated using "bling" out of my stash.
The sentiment is a Happy Birthday stamped in pink, and it's out of the 1.00 bin at michaels, then I doodled with glue around the edges, and used purple glitter from tree house studios jeweltone series. (I LOVE this glitter, its so fine!!)
The ribbon is 3/8 inch sweet petites grosgrain swiss dot in purple from the morex corp. (AC Moore, I believe)
I used a little gem on the bow too, but I made the bow inside out, I thought it was cute that way! :) Another bind it all mini album "Good Times" was cut from the paisley cart, and sugared.
I cut the watermelon from the doodlecharms cart with the charm function, sugared the green part, and used a bright yellow brad to attatch it so that it moves,

I embossed the back with the cuttlebug folder

I hope you like them, and are inspired!! This week Im working on my first BBTB2 challenge, so wish me luck!! :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Loads of paper for a journal I am working on for a very dear friend of mine who is in counseling. I love the idea of her having a journal with special sentiments and encouragements inside. So while a lot of the pages will be blank for her to write and sketch in, and every so often im going to scrap a page with a bible verse, or prayer, or any kind of encouragement that she may need. :)

I read on one of the cricut boards that someone was using old VHS boxes to store their solutions carts, great idea but I can't seem to find any except for on ebay. BUT, I did find a clear pencil box, for .97 at kroger last night, and I think it will work quite nicely, its almost the perfect size too! I will probably cut a piece of carstock to put in it to divide it into two so that i can store two different solutions carts in it, I will label the spine eventually, just haven't gotten that far yet.

Also, the other day I forgot to mention that walmart carries the pencil bags for a dollar too, I like the ones with the window in the front, and only one zipper, I bought one at kroger last night that was mesh and has two zippers, I dont like it as well.
I think the zipper pouches would work well for the solution carts too!! I just happen to like to be able to see all my carts, out of sight out of mind for me. Oh! I remember what else, I really like the pencil pouches for my clear stamps too, you can see them, and they are protected.
I would love to know what storage methods you use!!

Onward to the project.... A Robot mini picture album! I purchased a blank album from ACMoore the other day, (well actually I bought four at .60 cents each) I knew I would be able to use them!The robot is martha stewart color change paper, its an older paper that I have had in my stash for a while, The blue and red solids are both recollections cardstock from Michaels, and the ribbon came from hobby lobby. The Base paper is a really fun paper from the craft fair collection of ac patterned papers. I embossed the layer with a circle motif. Really FUN! The glitter you see is electric blue ultra fine holographic out of the neon collection from tree house studio for hobby lobby. I LOVE THEIR GLITTERS. I actually got more today, it is most definitely my go to glitter, and it's inexpensive in the grand scheme of glitters.

I wrote the sentiment with my cricut markers, which I had never used before. I really like them a whole lot.

OH! in his "window" I used a piece of plastic bag and glued it into it, and put some sequins in it, it just adds a really fun touch!!
Have any questions or comments please let me know!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Organizing a new room

New craft room!! I know it still looks cluttered, but I have so much more room in here!! YAY! It took two days to move everything from one room to the other, but it's done and this one is so much more inviting, if you can look past the clutter! :)My shelves are still PACKED, I cant help it.... I threw out and gave away a LOT OF STUFF!! New dollar store find.. these are plastic food containers, but they are very shallow, so you can see what stamp you are looking for and.... I laid the first layer in upside down, so I could see them through the bottom!! I am very excited about being able to find what im looking for. :)
This is how I though would be the most efficient way for me to store my cuttlebug folders, I took a piece of plain white cardstock, cut it in half, and cut slits just bigger than the folders, slid one side in, and now they stay in place, and I can find just the one that I want. If they had a die cut with them, I just put it behind the cardstock but its all in there together!!

OH! you can fit two of the A2 size folders in them, and I will do them in a similar fashion.... when I buy more bags.... these also came from the dollar store!
This is my slowly growing cricut collection.. kind of sad, but im working on it! :)

Thank so much for looking, hope you can use the organizing tips, hopefully it's back to crafting soon!!! Just gotta get used to where everything is now. :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Invasion of the Robotz!

Yipee!!! My Robotz cart has arrived!!! I can hardly wait to play with it! Sadly I go back to work full time today, and don't know exactly when I will get around to playing with it. :(

Oh! but in exciting news, we are trying to clear out house from all junk so we can move rather quickly and easily before the weather turns cold again, so I am forced to purge all the clothes, and junk that I have collected. So in order for me to do this I have a plan! As the youngest child in my family I always had the smallest bedroom growing up, when my older brother left I of course moved into his bigger and better room, which was awesome as a teen, and early college years. Now as an adult I have other priorities, and I only sleep at home every other day or so while I am preparing this other house for the move, so I have decided to swap the current craft room with my good sized bedroom, and take the smaller of the two to sleep in, I mean it suited me just fine for the first 19 years of my life, why not? I keep looking for all inspirational and functional storage ideas though. Since I am going back to work full time this will need to be well though out, and thoroughly planned. :) I am very excited for this, and am glad it will help me really clean out all my stuff, because only about half of what I have in my bedroom now will fit into the smaller room. :)

Hopefully Robotz are coming soon, and hopefully more mini albums, and a finished one or two! :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer album Doodlecharms and Paisley

Okay, so some of my favorite friends were in town for the weekend, so we had out fourth of july fireworks and cookout yesterday evening. I always have my camera in hand, and of course took a ton of great pictures. So I decided I would make a few mini albums with all the same pictures for my friends to have.

I used a 5.5 by 5.5 piece of cardstock for the front and back, and layered the front with blue, and yellow, to make it more sturdy and work in more color. I cut the Popsicle from doodlecharms, and the cool from paisley, I sugared the paisley, used two different ribbons, and a mini button. This made up really quickly!
I chose all sorts of different pages... why not?

As you can tell i just chose really bright colors with no attention to pattern at all.

I think it is going to be a whole lot of fun to work on, and put pictures in!! I can hardly wait to get started!!

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Monster Project

I had a request for a reaper notebook for a friend of mine, this is what I did, it's slightly more grusome than what I would usually do, but i think they will be very very happy with it! I stamped the Boo with green ink on green paper, and added some pen marking to emphasize the word. I added a shankless button, and a little green ribbon. I love it.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Duct tape dress form and Paisley cricut

Finished product, amber had never played with the cricut, so of course I had to try to get her addicted. We made a snail with an ipod!
It's being laminated here.
Oh, out of order, before lamination, and before we glittered the ipod.

We've been talking for weeks about making dress forms out of our bodies, so today we decided that it was time. She wore a cheap tshirt that we didnt care to ruin and I started taping. It took one big roll to do her two layers, and then the pink was just because we needed to make it look girly....

when we were finished, we cut it off, tshirt and all, then taped the neck, and the arm holes together, and taped the cut part back together, then we hung it upside down and....filled it with great stuff!
Oh, this is before the filling when she felt the need to hug herself... silly amber This is what it looked like before we cut it off, nice and snug, and LOTS of layers of duct tape, very form fitting, because we want it to keep her natural form....

When the foam dries I will def. take and post pictures. There are videos all over youtube of how to do this, there truly is an art... lol.

*Tip, don't do it in the middle of a heat wave!

*Be prepared, this is NOT a quick process, it took an entire evening to wrap, cut, mend, and fill, and thats not even done. We did the foam in layers so it would harden better, the great stuf says it requires a full 8 hours to cure. It took three full cans just to do her bust... (The pink part). My guess is four or five more to finish the torso. We might revert to polyfill, but it will settle eventually.

If you have any q's or want to know more just holla!

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