Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th of July

So while everyone is out lighting things on fire, I am at home, thinking of crafting projects. :)

Today I got the storybook cart for the cricut, and just from the back of it I am pretty sure it will be one of my favs! I'm not usually attracted to the font carts but this one caught my eye, and was 23.00.. whoo hoo!! lol I chose between it, cars, and graphically speaking. However, maybe those two will be there next pay day. Anyway, I am hoping to get a lot done next week, we had a cook out today, and I am exhausted, and we have one tomorrow and one on Monday. So busy busy busy, and hopefully I can start my new job next week, that would be very nice. I was going to buy a xyron machine today, but I thought I should get a new cart instead as they may not be the same price for a while. I can't believe that in the last few weeks I've added three carts to my collection. I know that's not a lot for most of you, but for me its a pretty big deal. I have my eye on a gypsy, but have heard mixed reviews, and I am just not sure if it is worth it before I grow my cart collection. I have already outgrown the shelf I have been keeping them on though. :) time to come up with something better, but I want to leave them in their original boxes!

Well i'm off to go play, hopefully cute projects coming soon! But in the meanwhile If you want to see what I have been up too check out

******* Custom Crops is taking pre orders for the toy story cart... I am all over that!!! ************************

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