Thursday, July 8, 2010

Duct tape dress form and Paisley cricut

Finished product, amber had never played with the cricut, so of course I had to try to get her addicted. We made a snail with an ipod!
It's being laminated here.
Oh, out of order, before lamination, and before we glittered the ipod.

We've been talking for weeks about making dress forms out of our bodies, so today we decided that it was time. She wore a cheap tshirt that we didnt care to ruin and I started taping. It took one big roll to do her two layers, and then the pink was just because we needed to make it look girly....

when we were finished, we cut it off, tshirt and all, then taped the neck, and the arm holes together, and taped the cut part back together, then we hung it upside down and....filled it with great stuff!
Oh, this is before the filling when she felt the need to hug herself... silly amber This is what it looked like before we cut it off, nice and snug, and LOTS of layers of duct tape, very form fitting, because we want it to keep her natural form....

When the foam dries I will def. take and post pictures. There are videos all over youtube of how to do this, there truly is an art... lol.

*Tip, don't do it in the middle of a heat wave!

*Be prepared, this is NOT a quick process, it took an entire evening to wrap, cut, mend, and fill, and thats not even done. We did the foam in layers so it would harden better, the great stuf says it requires a full 8 hours to cure. It took three full cans just to do her bust... (The pink part). My guess is four or five more to finish the torso. We might revert to polyfill, but it will settle eventually.

If you have any q's or want to know more just holla!

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