Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Invasion of the Robotz!

Yipee!!! My Robotz cart has arrived!!! I can hardly wait to play with it! Sadly I go back to work full time today, and don't know exactly when I will get around to playing with it. :(

Oh! but in exciting news, we are trying to clear out house from all junk so we can move rather quickly and easily before the weather turns cold again, so I am forced to purge all the clothes, and junk that I have collected. So in order for me to do this I have a plan! As the youngest child in my family I always had the smallest bedroom growing up, when my older brother left I of course moved into his bigger and better room, which was awesome as a teen, and early college years. Now as an adult I have other priorities, and I only sleep at home every other day or so while I am preparing this other house for the move, so I have decided to swap the current craft room with my good sized bedroom, and take the smaller of the two to sleep in, I mean it suited me just fine for the first 19 years of my life, why not? I keep looking for all inspirational and functional storage ideas though. Since I am going back to work full time this will need to be well though out, and thoroughly planned. :) I am very excited for this, and am glad it will help me really clean out all my stuff, because only about half of what I have in my bedroom now will fit into the smaller room. :)

Hopefully Robotz are coming soon, and hopefully more mini albums, and a finished one or two! :)

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