Thursday, July 15, 2010

Organizing a new room

New craft room!! I know it still looks cluttered, but I have so much more room in here!! YAY! It took two days to move everything from one room to the other, but it's done and this one is so much more inviting, if you can look past the clutter! :)My shelves are still PACKED, I cant help it.... I threw out and gave away a LOT OF STUFF!! New dollar store find.. these are plastic food containers, but they are very shallow, so you can see what stamp you are looking for and.... I laid the first layer in upside down, so I could see them through the bottom!! I am very excited about being able to find what im looking for. :)
This is how I though would be the most efficient way for me to store my cuttlebug folders, I took a piece of plain white cardstock, cut it in half, and cut slits just bigger than the folders, slid one side in, and now they stay in place, and I can find just the one that I want. If they had a die cut with them, I just put it behind the cardstock but its all in there together!!

OH! you can fit two of the A2 size folders in them, and I will do them in a similar fashion.... when I buy more bags.... these also came from the dollar store!
This is my slowly growing cricut collection.. kind of sad, but im working on it! :)

Thank so much for looking, hope you can use the organizing tips, hopefully it's back to crafting soon!!! Just gotta get used to where everything is now. :)

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  1. Love your craft space! You can never have to many goodies!