Monday, August 30, 2010

Swap Possibility

Okay, so I loved making stuff for the swap that I just finished so much, that I would LOVE to do one.

Swap idea #1 : The letter "A", this can be anything from embellies, die cuts, animals.. etc, be creative as long as it is a scrap booking or card making item. I would cap it off at 6 people per group, we could start more groups if we needed too. This would keep people from making a ton of stuff. You are more than welcome to participate in more than one group if we open them up, you can create the same things, or different ones.

Make six sets of three different items.
They must all three fit in a sandwich baggy.

Ex. If I was going to make an apple, an aardvark, and and angel, I would make 6 of each (18 items total) , and put one of each into 6 different baggies. Ship them in an envelope to me, I will divide and send them back out. :) Remember to include a postage paid envelope in your bag of goodies so that I can send yours back!!

I would like this to be the start of a whole alphabet of swaps. :) let me know what you think!!

Also for swap idea #2: I started looking for my christmas card lists the other day, and realized just how many cards I should start making. Then I thought of hosting a swap to get great things from other designers!!

Once again, divide into groups of 6, we can make more than one if necessary. Each person would make six cards, they can be the same or similar, or all different. Send them to me, I will divide them up, and send them back out, and everyone will get some different cards in their stash! I think this would be loads of fun!!

If enough people are interested in either one, I will set up a final date to have the projects mailed to me by, and start a list of everyone participating. All you need to do to participate, is follow my blog, and send me a comment on this post, or an email to

Also, more exciting news, since I have been clearing out my craft room for quite some time, there are LOADS of new and unopened things that I simply don't need, (probably because i bought two of the same things...) and I would love to give them away. If I reach 20 followers, I will randomly choose a winner from my list of followers for an envelope full of goodies, as well as the twentieth follower will get a little something too!!

I think that's it for now...

Keep it crafty!


  1. o.k. count me in for #2. sounds like loads of fun !!!