Monday, March 21, 2011

organization IS key!!

I love this weather!! I don't know about where you are but in West Virginia, it is wonderful out!! Spent the whole day on the farm yesterday, found lots of arrow heads and played with the animals!

Today was all about shopping! lol

I got these cute paper medallions for .49 cents today at Michael's, they don't have a purpose yet, but they will. :)

So, Ive been trying several different decor ideas for the wedding, and this was one I played with... I took tissue paper and nesties, and put them together with small brads, ribbon, and a Styrofoam ball.

This also used Nesties, and a brad, various shades of white and purple, rubbed with lilac ink.

This was a GREAT idea I stumbled upon last evening at JANIS' blog.

I went to Office Depot and bought a package of 200 sheet protectors for around $15.00. I'm sure you can find them cheaper, but I was too tired to go search them out, and avoid the dreaded Wally world at all costs.
I arranged mine by color, rather than make, I already had such a mess I had no idea where they had come from. Instead of putting them on the shelf with the binding side out, I wanted to be able to see the colors.

While I was showing organization, I thought I'd share how I store my solutions cartridges:

I took some sticky velcro, and cut ~ 1/2 inch piece and stuck one side to the cart and one to the inside of a pencil box. (I use a pencil box because they are approximately the same size as the reg cart boxes)

Then of course I label it!
As you can see here, these are some of the carts I use frequently so they stay in a roller cart by my desk, and I change them out as the seasons change. (all of the christmas and fall ones are on the shelf, but still accessible)
You might notice, that they all have labels on them as well, this is because its actually hard to read their spines when they are laying all stacked like that, so I just added a label to the end that I can see easily. :)
Oh! AND, I actually got something made today...
This used an upcycled greeting card, and my zutter bind it all, I cut pages to fit, and rounded their corners, and added the little orange ribbon. :) I love the sentiment! "Be Adventurous"

That's all for tonight!

Comments, and feedback greatly appreciated!
Have better ways to do things? LET ME KNOW!! :)

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  1. Will you come organize my stuff? LOL I just hate organizing. YOu did a great job.

    Smiles Sher