Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wedding tags, votives, and seals

So I just had to get some of my simple ideas out of my head tonight, so after work I marched straight up to my studio and started working with ideas. I designed my save the date, and am roughly coordinating everything with it. So tonight, I worked on some envelope seals since my save the dates will go out next week. I also worked on tags for the wishing tree, and an idea for the plain votive holders I picked up, that I will make more variations on as I go. All of my tables will be slightly different which thrills me, and makes my mom crazy, lol. I love the idea that there will be something new to discover at each seat. :) I also worked on punching some table scatter...

So I used the tie the knot cartridge....
I cut dove 1 at 1.5 inch, then ran it through the xyron to sugar it in purple glitter, and then ran it through again to make it into a sticker so I could use them on the backs of the envelopes.

I used the same cart for the wishing tree tags, and cut a few variations on them, at 3" which makes them a great size for the stamps I embossed them with, and still have plenty of room to write lovely messages! :)

After I cut the tag, I cut a coordinating ribbon, in my case they were approx. 6", then I crossed the ribbon as shown so a little of both sides was showing on the ribbon, then instead of tying a big knot, because I didn't like the look of it,I used some glue runner and threaded the ribbon through and stuck it to itself.

so then i grabbed all the stamps in my collection that had something about wishing on them...

and grabbed my brand new embossing gun, and embossing powder, (how have I ever gone without this?) and went to town!! They are absolutely stunning, and I am soooo excited!!
I used a purple gel pen in a coordinating color to write on it, just to test it out, I will def. be buying some pens to use at this table!! :)

At Michael's the other day I picked up this entire case of votive holders for $4.99, a steal compared to reg. price, and I had no idea what I was going to do with them, and still haven't fully decided.

So I grabbed some punches. (IF YOU ARE BUYING PUNCHES, GET THE LEVER ONES!!!! THEY ARE SO MUCH EASIER THAN THE BUTTON PUNCHES) and cut out a few from plain computer paper, and xyroned (?) them and stuck them to the votives...

So I like the idea, and I only made one, and I am going to take it and run with it, light purple vellum would be great, and other shapes, birds probably. Possibly something more ornate? Im not sure yet, feel free to leave ideas. :)

So also with the punches, I thought I would make some table scatter... and I added in the birds that were left from the tags I cut earlier. :)

So thats all i've made so far, but im working up more ideas, hopefully to come soon!
All ideas, comments, and feedback are welcome!!

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  1. Wow when you set you mind to you mean business! Awesome work here.