Thursday, March 10, 2011

Save the Dates and Envelope seals

So I finished making ALL of my save the dates today, and the seals to go along with.

I printed my save the dates four to a page, and cut them out.

Then I rounded the corners with my paper gator (that I am very sad I can no longer buy blades for) and embossed the paper with a cuddlebug folder. Since I had so many to do, I actually embossed two at a time since the cardstock was thin. Doing two at a time made one impression less sharp, but not nearly enough to make a difference, and I had so many to do! lol, my arm is still feeling it... ;)

Then, I cut backing for them out of a plain purple carstock to make the cards more durable feeling, and to really give them a finished look.

After, I matted them to the purple, I thought ribbon would be a great finishing touch. So I ran it in strips through the xyron, (which i dont recommend it jams it up) that got one side sticky, I had a small struggle trying to get it through, but in the end I won. :)

Here are the three basic stages...

And here's the finished product, I absolutely love it. :D

Just in case you are wondering, the purple cardstock is the walmart brand out of the stationary section, the white is Wasau brand cardstock, in stardust. (despite the name stardust, its not glittery, more so a recycled look with flecks of other colors.) The ribbon is crazy cheap offray ribbon, that I picked up 5 for 1.00, in two different colors. I just printed the image from open office on my computer.

I cut out birds at 1.25 inches, and xyroned them on one side to sugar them, and then again on the opposite side to make them seals for the envelopes. :)

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