Saturday, May 29, 2010


YAY food! No, I'm just kidding, I have been doing a lot of resin and glueing lately, and have needed something to put things in to dry that is small and easily portable, and cheap, and disposable but yet could withstand a beating in my office. Today during my venture to the dollar tree ( one of my favorite places), I found these take out containers, a pack of four was 1.00, they are the perfect size for me to put in what little bare counter space I have in my office, and are lightweight and the lids are just cardboard sheets. I was pretty excited, just thought I'd share.

These are the rest of the critters I was talking about the other day that I am making in advance for a soon to be super exciting project, that I am so pumped about... but more about that later!

see the smudge on her top flower? she now has to be thrown away... I couldnt find my glue runner, so I decided a ross glue stick that said dries clear would suffice, well needless to say, the glue does not dry clear... sad day :( So I DO NOT RECOMMEND ROSS GLUE STICKS... they are crappy.

Oh, but on a happy note, I got a few things listed on etsy, mostly supplies, ric rac, and lots of bottle caps OH! and I finally found my glue runner! Okay, I am working on so many exciting projects.. I can hardly wait!
AND my morning glory polyfill came today!! Woo HOO! since walmart stopped carrying it I had to order it online and had a few problems with the company I ordered it from, but they finally got it here... two weeks late. So lots of good things in the works! Check back soon!! Oh, and of course check out my ETSY!
Peace out!

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