Monday, May 31, 2010

mini album

Memorial day is hard for everyone.. but its been harder as I get older... this is a flower arrangement I made before easter for my dad's grave, it's held up pretty well.. im impressed. The headstone is new, it's a gift from my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Dave, they're pretty awesome people. I left the house yesterday morning for church, and havent been back home until this evening, so I didn't get much crafting done, but I have been hooking a rug while ive been away... maybe pictures when its done. I did however start a mini album for my mom tonight, its something Ive been thinking about for a few days, so i figured eleven at night was as good of a time as any... better hop to! lol and my friend kelsey's 21 birthday is tomorrow... guess I should make something for her tomorrow too! Anyway, this is the album for my mom, and what I got done on it tonight... cut and folded and assemled the inners....

picked papers and what not...

I picked out the stickers and extras as well as the papers I wanted to use, and made sure they all coordinated of course.

gluing them and trimming them one at a time... makes me wish I had a better paper cutter lol.

This is one of the sides... I Think the blue farthest left is going to be the front cover... but either way this is one side covered in paper. :)

This is going to be a mini album for my mom to just be able to look at pictures of my dad whenever she's feeling blue, Im trying to make it happy and not dreary to celebrate his great life.

Ill try to get some work done and pictures tomorrow!

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