Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Small projects, little progress...

All I did was cut a cupcake using the cricut, and added a heart foam glitter sticker, and taped it to the bag... this was NOT the bag I had inteded to use, but due to my usual lack of planning, and organization I could not find the other gift bags that are hiding in my office that are solid colors... don't have a clue where they went.
This is Kelsey's gift, a magazine which she LOVED, wire to make earrings, and other fun stuff, and the most beautiful ombre thread for wrapping earrings and such with, along with some pretty pink shell beads, not a giant gift, but hopefully she will have fun! She makes some of the most beautiful jewelry.

This is her card I made using the Wild Card cartridge for the cricut, and I added another little foam glitter heart. f

This is Kelsey's present all finished, instead of making an envelope, I just hole punched the card with my crop o dile, and attatched it with a piece of ribbon like a hang tag, since I wasnt putting and money in it.

I had these chip board letters in a pile of stuff I picked up at the thrift store, they are a lot prettier in person, I was going to write dad but there weren't two d's lol, so I improvised. they have glitter, and vines and flowers on them, all I did was glue them on. And i just noticed how nasty my counters look... they dont look that way in person.

as soon as you open the book I put a pocket that will hold 6 or 7 pictures, I folded the edges and glued them down so there would be more room, and I took my 1" hole punch and punched half a hole in it so it would be easier to get the pictures out. The next page I just found and trimmed a vellum piece I had that said dad, and added a sticker...

This pocket is more flat because I did not fold the edges, and on the adjacent page there is a vellum piece that says "Husband of my heart" since this is for my mother, and the dragonfly matched the paper a lot better in person.

I did this pocket a little differently, there's only enough room for a few pictures because I did not crease the edges to create more room like I did with the other one,

I always have been and always will be a daddy's girl :)

I did this one a little different too... so you can slide a picture or something inbetween, plus it covered up a weird bunched up spot I had in the top corner, I just got a piece of paper and cut two matching strips and ran glue around the outer three edges of each.. I like that all the pockets arent the same. :)

This piece is actually what was left of the other pocket that matches, I try not to waste, and this page really needed some glitter.

I woke up later than I had expected this morning, so not a lot of progress was made... lol went to hobby lobby, ac moore, michaels, office depot, and joanns where I got a discount card for ten percent off my entire purchase including sale prices because I have a business liscense and resell the stuff, I don't go in our Joann's much because the ladies are grumpy, but that little extra might make it worth it.
I'm prepping all of my mom's stuff for the trip to PA next week to do the wholesale and cash and carry shows, and I just haven't had a lot of time for mine. hopefully I will get back to it full force soon. Tomorrow I have to go to the printers, and make business cards and hang tags for all of her stuff in addition to making pumpking, angels, and idk what all. Oh, and today I set up a website for her... she's been in the business for about 15 years, and doesn't have a web site.. well until today of course. It won't be fully operational until next week, but it's still exciting. I'm hoping she will be able to quit her full time crappy job, and continue to do what she loves.
As soon as the crafting outlaw form becomes available I think I am going to apply, I mean why not? How AWESOME would that be? I wish my etsy business would pick up, but it always does in August, so Im just trying to wait it out. Marshall Dry Goods has pulled Morning Glory stuffing off their website... pretty dissapointing... although with all the trouble Ive had out of that company I can't be too upset. I guess that's all for now, can't wait to get a bind it all and a Xyron machine (which are on sale at AC Moore this week), I have so many ideas that are just waiting for play! :)


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