Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ideas Ideas Ideas

Okay, I have been sewing like a mad woman, seriously... which has lead to thinking... I really and truly do not want to go back to college in the fall. I am fully aware that I am three semesters and a few summer classes from finishing, HOWEVER I do not wish to teach. As my ever growing debts keep increasing because I can't work because I am in school all hours of every day I am getting more and more aware of the fact that while yes, I need an education, I also need to start acting like an adult and create some income. While etsy has been profitable in the past it seems to have hit a down slope... i'm sure its due to my lack of listing dilligence along with other aspects. In the fall I will have the joy of being in the marching band at the university *rolls eyes* dispite my love for music, and the joy I get from singing, I do not feel like I will have the same excitement marching across the field in a thick wool onsie wearing and ugly hat and playing louie louie for a herd of sweating stinky guys. Now don't get me wrong I know that I should be well versed in both sides for teaching... however I will flat out refuse a band job, and quite frankly at this point I do not want to teach at all. Marching band is 9am to 9pm the full week before classes begin, once classes begin it is Mon. Wed. Fri. 3:00-5:30, and all games, and traveling. Which leads me to point two, traveling. While yes I most certainly enjoy traveling recreationaly, I can not just pack up and go whenever there is a ball game. I absolutely refuse to be away on holidays. That in culmination of other things are reasons I would rather not go back to university in the fall.

Onward with this story... I'm not complaining about getting an education... Honestly. So I am researching the Junior college with their one and two year programs and they offer classes at more flexible times. In the meantime I have applied for fifteen or so full time positions at various places, the most appealing one being a church secretary at a local methodist church. What I have in my heart though is a retail store... for all my stuff and other stuff too. In the front half have all sorts of gifty items, and bags, and bows, and cards, and party supplies, and in the back have all the new robert kaufman fabrics, and the new Andover fabrics, and RJR and all the newest gadgets and tools, morning glory polyfil (this is a whole nother story entirely) and thread and yarn and needles and all kinds of good stuff, I can see a wall of fat quarters in every color.... (im slightly fat quarter crazy right now). In addition to screen printing, letter press, block printing supplies, etc. There is a really nice retail space available downtown, however I am just so unsure about it all, and I know that it is most definitely something that is a few years off, because I need to get my finances under control, but that is most definitely where my heart lies. Any feedback on the idea would be much appreciated.


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