Monday, June 28, 2010

Zutter Bind it all, Day 1

Okay, so I just finished a project with the bind it all... would have done it earlier but got sidetracked with cleaning and all the new cricut carts out....

Anywho, absolutely LOVE IT. Worth every dime, maybe now I will get my money's worth out of all the scrapbooking tools I have.

I got the version 2.0 (the pink one) and bought a six pack of 1/2 inch black and a two pack of 3/4 inch white, just to try it out.

I played around a little bit with some scrap to get the feel for how the holes would be punched, and how to line them up properly, pretty easy set up, has a guide bar and a little tab to thread your punched holes onto if you have a bigger project, the little puncher only does six (i think) at a time, so bigger projects require multiple punches.

No assembly required.... AWESOME! this baby is ready for use right out of the box.
I couldn't get the DVD that comes with it to play in my computer... however this I am sure is due to the dinosaur of a computer I have. Nevertheless I hopped on over to youtube and watched my fair share of tutorials.

This evening I created the project you see, cutting 4 by 4 inch squares out of blue cardstock, rainy day stuff using the paisley cashemire cartridge, and hunting out some ribbon I had in my stash along with the butterfly brads I had. :) I took a felt marker and drew the clouds in, but you can't really see them, and I laminated the covers for extra durability. The punching and binding only took two minutes or less, set the guides, punch and bind. Easy peasy. This is by far the easiest most user friendly tool Ive gotten for scrapbooking.

I almost smooshed my fingers twice while trying to punch holes... I learned not to put my fingers there very quickly, so be aware of that.

There is a stabilizer bar that you pull out on the back, however I still moved around a bit, I suppose this will become more natural with practice.

My mistake with this project was that I wanted to use the white wire, which in all honesty was FAR too big for my project so the pages hang funny, I will know better next time. :) Maybe I will grow my stash of owires.... *evil grin*.

The tip they give you to move the back cover to the front for binding, is CRUCIAL! Don't ignore it.

That's really all I can say tonight, I haven't used it enough to pass further judgement, but as far as I can tell I am going to LOVE it.


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